2/3 inch megapixel camera compatible
6 times motorized zoom lens 3.6M
No F Number drop

● We have realized a central resolution of 3.45 μm, especially considering traffic control and car number recognition system, design considering that the performance at the finite distance of 15 to 30 m is the best.
Also, the F number does not change in the entire zoom range.
● Improvement of transmittance in visible light range to near infrared light range by AR multi coating.
Coating for the visible light region is generally adopted as a single layer coating from the viewpoint of cost, but CAPELLA adopts AR multicoat as standard.
Therefore, it has excellent transmission performance in the near infrared region under IR illumination at night.
By our proprietary coating technology, it is also possible to apply a coating that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. Iris Size PDF
HD1166R 2/3 C 11~66 F1.8 Motorized 84.5×85×120mm DL
HD1166R PZFI 2/3 C 11~66 F1.8 Motorized 84.5×85×120mm DL
HD1166RDC 2/3 C 11~66 F1.8 DC 84.5×85×120mm DL
HD1166RP 2/3 C 11~66 F1.8 P 84.5×85×120mm DL