1 / 1.8 inch Full HD HD & Night camera compatible 16 times motorized zoom lens
● LIBRA is a high magnification motorized zoom lens that combines day and night for full HD megapixel camera.
It boasts optical magnification of 16 times, making it possible to capture distant subjects surely and vividly.
It will demonstrate its effect on all day monitoring such as road surveillance and railway overhead catenary.

● Potentiometer compatible, P iris compatible are available as options.
Please inquire separately.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. Iris Size PDF
HZ9144RDC IR-MP 1/1.8 C 9~144 F1.6 DC 84.5×87×167.5mm DL
HZ9144RDC IR-MP PZF 1/1.8 C 9~144 F1.6 DC 84.5×87×167.5mm DL