2/3 inch 5 Mega Pixel Camera Compatible Fixed Focal Lens

● AR multiband coat
Improvement of transmittance in a wide wavelength range from the visible light region to the near infrared light region
● Iris click mechanism
The click mechanism which can easily adjust the aperture position is carried.
● W locking mechanism
Focus and iris can be firmly fixed, and vibration resistance is strengthened.
Also, in order to avoid interference, locking hole mounting holes can be selected from 3 locations (120 ° interval).

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. M.O.D Size Mass PDF
JHF8M-5MP 2/3 C 8 F2.8 0.1m φ54×50.3mm 200g DL
JHF12M-5MP 2/3 C 12 F1.8 0.15m φ57×58mm 240g DL
JHF16M-5MP 2/3 C 16 F1.4 0.2m φ40×51.5mm 240g DL
JHF25M-5MP 2/3 C 25 F1.4 0.2m φ40×42mm 180g DL
JHF35M-5MP 2/3 C 35 F1.4 0.25m φ40×42.5mm 230g DL