SWIR short wavelength infrared compatible lens

1.1 ~ 2/3 inch SWIR short wavelength infrared compatible lens

High sensitivity and high image quality are realized at VGA resolution (642 × 512 pixels) in the short wavelength infrared range of 900 to 1700 nm.
● With internal coding technology, at peak transmittance 95% or more.
● Low image distortion, ideal for FA image processing.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. M.O.D Size Mass PDF
JHF8M-5MP SWIR 2/3 C 8 F2.8 0.3m φ51×48.4mm 200g DL
JHF12M-5MP SWIR 2/3 C 12 F1.8 0.15m φ51×59mm 240g DL
JHF16M-5MP SWIR 2/3 C 16 F1.4 0.2m φ51×62.5mm 240g DL
JHF25M-5MP SWIR 2/3 C 25 F1.4 0.2m φ51×48mm 180g DL
JHF35M-5MP SWIR 2/3 C 35 F1.4 0.25m φ51×62.1mm 230g DL
VHF6M-MP SWIR 1 C 6 F1.8 0.1m φ54×50.3mm 185g DL
VHF8M-MP SWIR 1 C 8 F1.4 0.1m φ57×58mm 45g DL
VHF12.5M-MP SWIR 1 C 12.5 F1.4 0.3m φ40×52.0mm 160g DL
VHF16M-MP SWIR 1 C 16 F1.4 0.3m φ40×42mm 120g DL
VHF25M-MP SWIR 1.1 C 25 F1.4 0.3m φ40×42.5mm 119g DL
VHF35M-MP SWIR 1.1 C 35 F1.4 0.3m φ40×48.6mm 129g DL