Vari Zoom Lens

It is a lens that combines the functionality of the zoom lens and the value price of the varifocal lens.
For a typical varifocal lens, adjust the zoom to determine the angle, then perform focus adjustment.
However, when adjusting the focus, the angle will change. Therefore, you must adjust the zoom and focus again.
Once you adjust the focus of the Vali Zoom, just adjust it to the angle you like, the focus will remain the best.
It is a price comparable to a varifocal lens with a lens that is very easy to install and adjust.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. Iris Size PDF
HZ8585M 1/2 C 8.5~85 F1.6 Manual φ52×102.5 DL
HZ8585DC 1/2 C 8.5~85 F1.6 DC 53.5×61.25×102.5 DL