Varifocal lens

1/2 to 1/3 inch varifocal lens
● Unlike the zoom lens, it requires focus adjustment every time the angle of view is changed, but it can be set to an intermediate angle of view that can not be covered with a fixed focus lens, so you can obtain the desired image / monitoring effect.
● Since it is possible to select an appropriate angle of view at the actual site, it is unnecessary to prepare many kinds of lenses and installation is easy.
● Even when the camera installation location changes, it is not necessary to replace the lens by adjusting the angle of view again.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. Iris Size PDF
TAV2812DCIR-MP 1/3 CS 2.8~12 F1.4 DC 41.3×59.4 DL
TAV2812PIR-MP 1/3 CS 2.8~12 F1.4 P 41.3×59.4 DL
TAV850DCIR-MP 1/2.7 CS 8~50 F1.6 DC 44×46.4×73.5 DL
TAV850PIR-MP 1/2.7 CS 8~50 F1.6 P 44×46.4×73.5 DL
HD338DCIR 1/3 CS 3.3~8 F1.4 DC 41.3×59.4 DL
HD880MIR 1/2 C 8~80 F1.6 Manual 58×91.5 DL
HV880DCIR-MP 1/2 C 8~80 F1.6 DC 54×91 DL