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About Ordering Custom Lenses

At our company, we utilize the strengths of our internal integrated manufacturing structure to develop, design, and manufacture specially-orderd lenses that suit various needs.
We conduct individual meetings, arrange an optical design that is optimal for the worksite, and provide a proposal. Please feel free to reach out to us.


Past Special Order Lens Development Examples

Image: Past Special Order Lens Development Examples
Image: Pase Special Order Lens Development Example

Wakayama University We specially processed a lens that can be used in a vacuum to be equipped on the micro-satellite UNIFORM-1 for the Institute for Education on Space. Using this lens, forest fire detection and emergency photography of volcanic eruptions were carried out.Click here for details


The MERCURY 2.7x motorized zoom lens is highly useful for car number certification systems.
We optically correct issues with focus due to changes in temperature outside.
It is organized compactly so that it can be equipped in a small housing compartment. Based on the camera you will be using,
we can redesign the optics.