• JHF35M-8MP-RG

    2/3″ 8MP Vibration, impact and dust resistance lens

  • F0.8 Large format compatible lens

    4/3 inch megapixel camera compatible fixed focus lens 42F2408M-MP is No. 1 brightness in F 0.8 industry examination

  • φ29mm 2/3“ lens series compatible with 8 mega pixel

    35mm lens will be released from this summer
    12mm, 16mm and 25mm will be scheduled to be released in sequence.



    1 inch megapixel camera compatible fixed focus lens 3M to 10M double lock VHF25M-MP, VHF35M-MP 1.1 inch 12M compatible

  • T5 Series

    Compatible with 2/3 inch mega-pixel camera
    Monofocal Lens 5 Megapixel
    Low distortion

  • φ 29 mm series

    2/3 to 1/2 inch megapixel camera compatible fixed focus lens 1.5M to 3M double lock

  • VGA machine vision lens

    1 to 1/2 inch fixed focus lens machine standard lens for vision

  • SWIR short wavelength infrared compatible lens

    Short wavelength infrared compatible lens 900 to 1700 nm 95% or more at transmittance peak 1.1 to 2/3 inch fixed focus lens PLEIADES II and PIXIS


    1 inch megapixel camera compatible 2.7 times motorized zoom lens 4 M for sensors up to φ 16.8 mm Optical temperature compensation
    NewAchieved smaller M.O.D than conventional Mercury
    SN is added int eh suffix of model name. 


    2/3 inch megapixel camera compatible
    6 times motorized zoom lens 3.6M
    No F Number drop

  • Other zoom lenses

    We have various kinds of zoom lenses such as 1 to 1/2 inch manual type and motorized type

  • Pinhole lens

    Front lens diameter is 2mm
    The image is reversed vertically and horizontally.

  • Accessories

    Various lens controllers

    TSZC-06 is new release in June 2019.

    [Version upgrade contents] ・Power supply 12V ・Improvement for noise resistance performance ・Simultaneous control of 3 mechanisms (Zoom, Focus, Iris) ・4 positions preset function.