VGA machine vision lens

1 to 1/2 inch fixed focus lens for VGA camera

● You can select the best product from a wide range of focal lengths.
● Full metal body and a solid appearance.
● Ideal for machine vision field.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. M.O.D Size Mass PDF
HF3.5M-2 1/2 C 3.5 F1.6 0.1m φ45×37.5mm 90g DL
HF6M-2 1/2 C 6 F1.4 0.2m φ32×37mm32 70g DL
HF12M-2 1/2 C 12 F1.4 0.3m φ32×37mm 65g DL
JF7.5M-2 2/3 C 7.5 F1.4 0.2m φ35.5×37mm 90g DL
JF8M-2 2/3 C 8 F1.4 0.2m φ28×34.5mm 60g DL
VF25M-2 1 C 25 F1.4 0.5m φ35.5×36.7mm 90g DL
VF75M 1 C 75 F1.8 0.8m φ48×58.5mm 245g DL