Pinhole lens

Front lens diameter is 2mm
The image is reversed vertically and horizontally.

● It is a lens like a hole opened with a needle with a tip lens diameter of only 2 mm.
Embed in various places, you can use it as a hidden camera.
● Because of the optical characteristics, please note that the image is inverted vertically and horizontally.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. M.O.D Size Mass PDF
TP3.8M 1/3 CS 3.8 F2.4 1.0m φ30×78.1mm 75g DL
TP3.8DC 1/3 CS 3.8 F2.4 1.0m 51×41.5×77.1mm 75g DL
HP3.8M 1/2 C 3.8 F2.4 1.0m φ30×72.9mm 75g DL