1 / 1.8 inch full high HD day & night camera compatible 25 times motorized zoom lens
● ALDEBARAN is a high magnification motorized zoom lens compatible with full HD megapixel camera.
It boasts an optical magnification of 25 times, making it possible to capture distant subjects surely and vividly.
※ This product is not for day & night camera compatibility.
Please be noted that out-of-focus will occur at daytime and nighttime.

● Potentiometer compatible, P iris compatible is available as an option.
Please inquire separately.

Model Format Mount Focal length F no. Iris Size PDF
HZ10250RDC-MP 1/1.8 C 10~250 F1.8 DC 100.5×110.3×232mm DL
HZ10250RDC-MP PZF 1/1.8 C 10~250 F1.8 DC 100.5×110.3×232mm DL